Dec. 5, 2022


Tim Mangini

The second ever Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony, recorded in Boston on Friday, December 2nd, was post-produced at the OutPost on a fast turnaround for the BBC and PBS. Prine w 2Sponsored by Prince William of the British Royal Family, the Earthshot Prize is an annual event that awards one-million pounds sterling to each of five small non-profits from around the world who are working to solve difficult environmental problems. Months of pre-production lead to a star-studded event that was live-switched in an NEP truck at the new MGM venue in the Fenway area of Boston.

  closing photo

GBH Production Group took the live feed via The Switch fiber directly into its 1.5 petabytes of Avid storage. Lead editor Dave Bigelow was able to start marking notes from the producer and making edits directly to the building file. The edit became complicated when the initial production ran much longer than anticipated. Working virtually non-stop the team, including editors Deb Holland and Joey Mullin, and audio mixer Jim Sullivan, finished the master file just-in-time for engineer Mike Tivey to send a direct fiber-feed to the BBC in London with minutes to spare before the UK broadcast on Sunday. Multiple additional versions were created, including BBC streaming, International Broadcast, International streaming, PBS broadcast, PBS streaming, and several social media clips. Beth Godlin Lillis, Production Group' Post Operations Manager, kept the personnel and assets organized throughout the hectic weekend.