Phil Reilly

Lighting Director and Scenics Manager

Phil’s film production career is both long and impressive, with credits including Steven Spielberg’s “Amistad” and Clint Eastwood’s “Mystic River.” He joined WGBH’s Production Group in 2006, shortly after finishing Martin Scorsese's “The Departed.” At WGBH, Phil leads crews in executing studio lighting designs that take full advantage of our extensive equipment inventory and spacious facility, with an emphasis on scaling the size and complexity of the design to the producer’s budget and schedule. Phil is also nationally certified through the ETCP program which recognizes professionals who have demonstrated their qualifications through education, training, experience, and who show a commitment to safety and the reduction of risk.

Phil's credits include:

"Greater Boston" Television Lighting Director 2006-present/  "Stronger" Feature Film Lighting Technician 2016/ "Sing That Thing" Television Lighting Director 2015-present/   "Central Intelligence" Feature Film Lighting Technician/ "Joy" Feature Film Lighting Technician 2015/  "Wicked Tuna" Television lighting Technician 2015/   "Sea of Trees" Feature Film Lighting Board Operator/ "Baker -Coakley televised debate Lighting Director 2014/   " The Equalizer" Feature Film Lighting Technician 2013/ "Labor Day" Feature Film Lighting Technician 2012/   "The Way, Way Back" Feature Film Lighting Technician 2012/   "R.I.P.D" Feature Film Lighting Technician 2011/   "Ted" Feature Film Lighting Technician 2011/   "HS Quiz Show" Television Lighting Director 2010-present/   "Masterpiece" wraps Television Lighting Director 2008-present.

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